Clifton upon Dunsmore Church of England Primary School

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“Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them.” Genesis 15 : 5Click here to read about our curriculum offer and download our progression maps

Maths - a mastery approach

At the centre of the mastery approach to the teaching of mathematics is the belief that all children have the potential to succeed. They should have access to the same curriculum content and, rather than being extended with new learning, they should deepen their conceptual understanding by tackling challenging and varied problems. Similarly, with calculation strategies, children must not simply rote learn procedures but demonstrate their understanding of these procedures through the use of concrete materials and pictorial representations.

At Clifton-upon-Dunsmore Primary School we have developed a Mathematics Curriculum that promotes a Mastery approach. We want all of our children to leave our school possessing a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject of Maths.

We aim to support our children in developing:

  • a positive and resilient attitude to mathematics
  • the ability to express themselves fluently, to talk about the subject with assurance, using correct mathematical language and vocabulary.
  • a growing confidence to reason mathematically
  • the ability to apply Maths to solve problems and to test hypotheses
  • fluency (rapid and accurate recall and application of facts and concepts)

Please read our Curriculum Statement by clicking on the link below.

Our Calculation policy and Fluency policy outline the different calculation strategies that should be taught and used in Year 1 to Year 6 in line with the requirements of the 2014 Primary National Curriculum.  It shows all of the key vocabulary we use throughout the school and the progression in the way we support the children to understand mathematical concepts as they move from one year group to the next.

Fluency in Number Facts

To help them tackle more complex maths problems as they move through the school. It is really important that children have good fluency in their basic number facts. These are taught at Years 1-2 for addition and 3-4 for multiplication.

Click here to download our Progression Document for U+U Facts

See below for documents to support your child to be fluent in maths whatever their year group.

Parent's Guide to Fluency in Year 1

Parent's Guide to Fluency in Year 2

Parent's Guide to Fluency in Year 3

Parent's Guide to Fluency in Years 4-6


Download our Intent Statement for Maths

View our Progression Map for Teaching Addition Facts