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Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Clifton Primary School, we are constantly working to develop a mentally healthy school. We are adopting a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing, by recognising how important mental health and emotional wellbeing is to our lives in just the same way as physical health.  Are aim is to have a school that helps children flourish, learn and succeed by providing opportunities for them, and the adults around them, to develop the strengths and coping skills that underpin resilience. As a mentally healthy school, we see positive mental health and wellbeing as fundamental to our values, mission and culture as we recognise that children’s mental health is a crucial factor in their overall wellbeing and can affect their learning and achievement. We are working to create a school where children, staff and parent/carers’ mental health and wellbeing is seen as ‘everybody’s business’

We believe, our school is a place for our children to experience a nurturing and supportive environment that has the potential to develop self-esteem and give positive experiences for overcoming adversity and building resilience.  Through PSHE lessons, worship, daily teaching and our school’s ethos we aim to help our children succeed by supporting them to be resilient and mentally healthy.

We know for some, school will be a place of respite from difficult home lives and offer positive role models and relationships, which are critical in promoting children’s wellbeing and can help create a sense of belonging and community.

Our role in school is to ensure that our children are able to manage times of change and stress, and that they are supported to reach their potential or access help when they need it. We also aim to ensure that our children learn about what they can do to maintain positive mental health, what affects their mental health, how they can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and where they can go if they need help and support.

At Clifton, our aim is to help develop the protective factors which build resilience to mental health problems and to be a school where:

All children are valued.
* Children have a sense of belonging and feel safe.
* Children, parents/carers and staff feel able to talk openly with trusted adults about their problems without feeling any stigma.
* Positive mental health is promoted and valued.
* Bullying is not tolerated.


Recently, we have started working in partnership with the Warwickshire Mental Health in Schools Team (MHST).  Their aim is to support children, young people and their families to achieve positive mental wellbeing.  They offer short term support to children and young people who are experiencing symptoms of mild to moderate mental health difficulties.  The team support parents/carers, children and schools using an ‘early intervention’ approach – parent/carer work, whole school approach, individual low intensity cognitive behavioural therapy and individual high intensity cognitive behavioural therapy.

 Throughout this year, the MHST will be working with our school: whole school audit, parent survey, carrying out student resilience surveys, leading assemblies, supporting class sessions and more.  Plus, we can make referrals to MHST if we have concerns or if we notice signs of difficulties. 

 Keep an eye on the weekly newsletter and Class Dojo for their weekly Tips For Wellness, plus any updates.   

Please remember if you have any concerns regarding your child's mental health, speak with their class teacher, or myself; we are here to help and support our pupils and their families. 

Mrs Burbery, School Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer.

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Warwickshire - click here to find out what's on offer locally

Coventry Safe Haven FlyerLeamington Safe Haven FlyerNuneaton Safe Haven Flyer

 Mental Health and Wellbeing Officer



You may also find the document from Birmingham City Council’s Psychology Team regarding Bereavement Support for parents and carers, useful.

Managing Death, Loss and Grief - a Parent's Guide

World Mental Health Day

In October, our school supported World Mental Health day.  Our Year 6 children led our whole school assembly which spoke about mental health and raised awareness of MIND and how they can support the mental health of children across Coventry and Warwickshire.  And our staff wore something yellow to school for #HelloYellowDay to help show young people they’re not alone with their mental health and to raise awareness of mental health support services.

Useful websites:  

Children's Mental Health Week

Even though Children’s Mental Health Week was back in February, it hasn’t ended for us.  We as a school are committed to supporting and working with our children and families who have concerns or are experiencing difficulties with their mental health or well-being every day.   Clifton Primary School is here to listen, support and work together! 

The Squiggle Game:

Animated version of Beautiful Oops, by Barnery Saltsberg:

Draw your feelings:


Virtual lessons on creative expression:

Support for families:

The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of Place2Be: 


Download our Intent Statement for Mental Health and Wellbeing

 Download our Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy